Thursday, February 19, 2015

Whoa, Rudy--you just went from 'America's Mayor' to 'America's A-hole'!

Rudy Giuliani said to a group of Republican Donors that he didn't believe President Obama "loved America". He went on to say that Obama didn't grow up like 'us'. (By the way, the President was born in Hawaii, which, last time I checked, is one of the United States.) He also said 'he doesn't love you and the doesn't love me.' Well, I think after today the only true thing he said was that Obama doesn't love him!

What has happened that anyone--even 'America's Mayor'--can say of the sitting President that he doesn't love America? I didn't approve of the second President Bush and disagreed with almost everything he did, but, never in a million years would I have even thought, much less said, I didn't think he loved America. Never. We didn't agree, but I am confident that anyone who was ever in the White House 'loved' America.

Obama is, I think, the first President that doesn't completely buy, as a matter of Creed, the notion of American Exceptionalism. He has the belief that America is one of the nations of a very complex world and that we, as Americans, can not claim to be pure, unblemished, totally moral in the midst of nations which are stained, blemished and, on ocassion, immoral.

And I believe that as well, in capital letters. Our claim to be a 'shining city on a hill' has been given the lie by income inequality, poor health care, diminishing excellence in education, unethically prying into other nation's business and...need I continue?

The one thing that makes Obama 'not like' Rudy--they're both lawyers, well-educated, well-heeled, well spoken men--is this: Obama is bi-racial.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't think anyone in Rudy's position and of his stature would have ever dared say a white President didn't 'love America'.

The conversation we need to have, as a nation, about race, begins at the top. The respect due and most always given to a President doesn't exist for Obama.

And I can imagine no other reason--because a plurality of the people have always disagreed on many levels with whoever was president--is that he has Black blood.

How dare Rudy Giuliani question the love of country of the President of the United States?

Because he's Black is the only explanation I can come up with....

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