Monday, February 2, 2015

On dodging bullets

You can only dodge so many....

It started snowing at 9 last night and was still snowing a bit at 5 pm this afternoon--along with periods of sleet. Pretty nasty. Both Cornwall Ave and Rt. 10 are still snow covered and we haven't dug out our cars yet. Tomorrow maybe.

And speaking of dodging bullets--how about those New England Patriots? I don't often find myself in a large majority--but I think my astonishment that the Seahawks passed inside the 5 on second down with arguably the best running back in the league is shared by a huge number of football fans and pundants.

I was getting all ready to rub it in on Patriot fans when that ill-advised pass and interception changed the reality inside-out and upside-down. Alas.

I think I hate the Patriots because how Belechec and Brady left the Jets. But Bern thinks it's because my pinstripe heart hates all things north of here because of the enormity of my  hatred of the Red Sox.

She's probably right. I hate when that happens because it happens with such regularity...Bern being 'right'....

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