Thursday, February 26, 2015

"irony" doesn't do it justice...

So, when the Senate passes a bill to fund the Homeland Security Administration, we will wait with somewhat bated breath to see what the House will do (with all its crazy people).

"Homeland Security" for God's Sake--being held hostage by none other than Republicans!

Republicans--the Hawk Party, the Security Party, the Defense Party--is about to defund the governmental body whose job is to oversee the security of the nation.

Will planes fly without folks to do the security checks? Will the folks ordained to keep us safe from terrorism be working?

And it's all about the President inviting 11 million hard-working folks to move into the light and out of the darkness of the threat of deportation so they might fully participate in the nation they chose to come to at great risk.

"Irony" doesn't do it justice, what the House Republicans may just do.

"Stupidity"...that may describe it....

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