Thursday, July 2, 2015

As I write

As I write (and no matter what the blog says, I'm writing on Eastern Daylight time, not Pacific Daylight Time, which is where I'm stuck in a three hour hole) Josh and Cathy and our three granddaughters and Laura, their rescue pit bull are an hour or more away, coming toward us.

Bern had made these three fairy houses for the girls. They are already down at the back of our back yard in shade (or darkness now) and she either made or bought all these things to go with them, so they can make a fairy garden for the house.

I wish I could take a picture of it all and send it to you--but that's beyond my technical skill. It is simply amazing. Bern, in case you don't know, was, for 14 years, the coordinator of the Children's Co-Op in New Haven--a day care where parents did all the work and Bern, we, coordinated them!

So she is amazing with children. She always invents amazing stuff for the girls when they arrive. I think they'll be down at the end of the yard much of the time they're here--it's just magical, what Bern has created for them.

I look so forward with some time with m;y son and his wife, as well as the girls. They're both about to be 40--Cathy already is, Josh in August. Both my parents were dead when I was 40. I wish I'd had time to spend with them as a really grown up person.

Being with our children is magical. They can be both our 'babies' and grown ups with stuff to teach us. I like that...I like that a lot.

Happy 4th of July, if I don't get back in the next couple of granddaughter days....

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