Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cluster Council picnic

How wonderful it was--the annual Cluster Council picnic. In Higganum at Dick and Nancy's house.

Great food, but even greater people.

I love the folks from these three little churches and value my time with them greatly.

They remind me how blessed I am to be who I be and do what I do.

We went in for dessert since the rain began to fall tenderly. We would have left earlier if we'd been outside, but inside was so comfortable and welcoming we stayed and stayed.

I'd like to thank each of them: Nancy, Dick, Gert, Dean, Garnett, Deb, Steve, Nancy, Toni, Ann, Bea, Cherry...each of them make me realize how rich and deep and profound my life is.

I'm not embarrassed any more for being joyful and fulfilled in my life. I've moved on to thanking those who make that so....

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