Monday, July 20, 2015

How did this happen?

Tomorrow, our baby Mimi turns 37. In about three months, our oldest child, Josh, turns 40.

How did this happen? How did they get so old and how did I, along side them reach the great age I'm at as well?

Bern and I were children of older parents. My parents were nearly or past 40 when I, their only child was born. Both my parents were dead before I was 37, much less 40. Same with Bern's parents--she was the late in life child with two much older siblings.

And here we are--Bern and me--with children that old! Amazing!

Here's the thing--both Mimi and Josh turned out 'just right'. We can take no credit for it for we were young when they were born, in our 20's, and had no idea what to do with babies, much less adolescents when they got there, much too soon by my timing....

We made it up as we went along, flying by the seat of our pants, improvising like crazy, having no clue about most everything about raising children. And only child and a youngest child trying figure out what growing up as brother and sister was all about. God help us!

God probably did--must have--since Josh and Mimi are remarkable, successful, wonderful, beyond lovely adults. I can't imagine how it happened, how we were blessed--truly 'blessed' to have them turn into the adults--nearing middle aged (imagine that)--that they've become.

Both are married to people we love and adore. All four of them (spouses and our children) are accomplished and successful. Mimi and Josh both make more money that Bern and I can imagine, putting the lie to the thought that children of Baby Boomers aren't as successful as their parents.

I'm actually tearing up, writing this. That's how wondrous they are. Things were not always seamless with them or between them, but somehow, right now in all our lives, something special is magically taking over.

We are all wonderful and well and full of joy and loving each other.

What could be better than that?

Nothing, that's what!!!

Happy birthday, my babies, now 37 and 40. Who knew, when this all started, how perfect it would be now?

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