Sunday, July 26, 2015

Mike Hckabee has out trumped Trump

Mike Huckabee, one of the multitude of Republicans who are seeking the opportunity to lose to Hilary or Bernie, said, out loud and in front of people, That President Obama, by supporting the nuclear deal with Iran, "is leading Israelis toward the ovens."

Well, in spite of all the nonsense Trump and Cruz are pushing, this takes the cake.

Our oh-so-Christian friend is equating our president with Hitler.

Can you read it another way?

My God, diplomacy and negotiation is much preferable to war and violence.

I have always believed that we, as Americans, have much more in common with the folks in Iran--the Persians, as highly educated and sophisticated as they are, more so than any country besides Israel--that we needed to 'get over' that nastiness when Carter was President and move on.

Besides, the UN Security Council--including folks like Russia and China, not to mention Germany, France and Britain--have already approved the deal, since many of them helped Secretary of State Kerry negotiate it.

Israel doesn't like it because Israel doesn't like anything that isn't about "Israel is all that Matters".

Mike Huckabee comparing an African-American twice elected President to Hitler is over the top, our of order and out of your mind.

We live in a world that is larger than the 48 and Alaska and Hawaii--get used to it. The world powers believe this agreement with Iran is the best we can have in an imperfect world.

And Mike--just like your friends Trump and Cruz need to learn some decorum--have some respect, for Christ's sake, of the President. Don't call him a Nazi. Is that too much to ask, you sanctimonious, Right-Wing, supposedly Christian asshole?

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