Sunday, July 19, 2015

Trump and Cosby--two tales sadly told

OK, there are few icons in the country larger than John McCain, prisoner of war turned US Senator and candidate for President. Love Sen. McCain or not, he is certainly worthy of respect. Yet Donald Trump has taken him on and dissed him big-time.

Trump  said publicly that McCain is only a war hero "because he was captured" and that he (Trump) preferred people who weren't captured.

Outrage was wide-spread and apologies were demanded. No way, Trump said. "I stand by what I said," he said.

Really. I don't agree at all with McCain's politics but anyone who spent over 5 years as a POW and still has physical issues from his torture has got to be given acknowledgement and respect.

Unless, of course, you're Donald Trump. If you're Donald Trump, you can say anything and not have to apologize--like to Mexicans....

And here's the thing to make you nervous, Trump is polling first in the over-crowded Republican field for President. It's only 15%, granted, but he's first! Something to give you pause about the party....

Then, with the release of 2005 court documents, it becomes blatantly clear that Dr. Huxtable was in fact 'playing doctor' with all those women--sedating them and raping them. It requires a rethinking of a life-time of admiring Bill Cosby. Even Whoopi Goldberg has withdrawn her support and President Obama said in a press conference that there is no mechanism to revoke Cosby's Freedom Medal but anyone 'who is given a drug and then forced to have sex' has been raped.

At least he's not running for President.

If only some stuff like this would come out about Ted Cruz....

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