Thursday, July 9, 2015

The summer of 'Odd'...

There's only one night so far that's not been in the 60's or 50's--that alone makes this summer weird, strange, passing odd.

And the day time temperatures have seldom yet passed 80.

Tonight in July 9 and we'll sleep without AC. Go figure.

Now, if I were a climate change skeptic, I could argue, "things aren't getting 'hotter' at all...look at this summer so far...."

Truth is, a summer like it's been so far in Connecticut, is a minor 'climate change'. Unlike the mountains of southern West Virginia where I grew up with 4 months of Spring, 2 months of Summer, 4 months of Autumn and 2 months of winter, Connecticut, in the 35 years I've been here has been more like 2 months of Spring, 4 months of Summer, 2 months of Autumn and 4 bitter months of Winter.

So, climate change is real. Summer with sweltering heat should have begun mid-May and lasted through the first week or so of September. But not this year.

Warm (not hot) days and really pleasant nights. Not normal. In the past we've had AC going all day. This year, only the AC in my office with the door to t he rest of the upstairs closed so the cold air will go down to the first floor.

I noticed today in mid-afternoon that the thermometer in the dining room was at 68 though it was 80 outside. Just one AC did that, along with the trees all around us.

I'm by no means complaining, but just in 30 years, things have changed weather wise.

Just me talkin' (or, more precisely, 'just me writin').

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