Wednesday, December 18, 2019

A sad historic moment

This evening, for just the third time in American history, the House of Representatives impeached a president.

I think it need to happen--it was vital that it happen--but that doesn't mean it's not a somber, sad day in our history.

For eight hours or so, some of which I watched, some of which I listened to on NPR, Democrats made the case over and over and over again and Republicans said the same sad things they've been saying all along--not refuting the evidence, but saying the 'evidence' wasn't evidence.

The day is sad and somber because we are such a divided nation. "Unity" should be our goal, not division.

No President has ever been removed from office by impeachment. And this one won't be either--not because he shouldn't be, but because Republicans will cover their ears, hold their noses and vote to leave him be.


But I hope that enough people will listen to the facts and vote against him next November.

Then he will be out of office and doubtless open to several legal actions.

I am sad and somber at where we are as a country, and so disappointed at where that man has brought us.

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