Tuesday, December 17, 2019

What a mess!

What a nasty mess!

And I don't mean what's going on in Washington (surprise! surprise!).

I'm talking about the weather in Connecticut in the last 24 hours.

We had ice, not snow. Ice that fell and rain that froze.

My car and Bern's truck were wrapped in a quarter inch of ice today. It took us almost a hour to clean them off so I could go to the store. And then we had all these pieces of ice around our car and truck,

Never mind the walkways and driveway and our deck and steps down to the back yard. And our porches,. Brigit fell down on the porch when she went out this morning. And she has, as you surely know, four feet.

At Stop and Shop I saw one of the guys gathering grocery carts in the parking lot fall on his ass.

There were several people around him and he was saying he was 'fine'., but, a young man falling on ice is not a good thing.

And something is still falling--ice? rain? snow? at 9 p.m. and tomorrow will be an icy, nasty, mess too.

Two guys even older than me in the Stop and Shop line behind me were talking about the weather.

One guy was complaining and the other said, "you live in Connecticut, not Florida! Get used to it. I've been here 77 years. This is how it is!"

Wisdom, I admit, but it was still a nasty, icy mess.

No kidding.

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