Saturday, December 14, 2019

rain or don't rain

The last two days in Connecticut, we have lived with drizzle.

Not really 'rain', but not 'not rain' either.

It's been miserable and bleak.

With the temperature near freezing, we've watched our step on sidewalks and been carefully driving.

Rain or don't rain, is what I say.

Then, day before yesterday I was taking a plate out of the kitchen cabinet and the cabinet pulled away from the wall. I called Bern and we emptied it and put a book under it to hold it somewhat up.

Paul Bowman is sending us a guy to fix it on Monday. He said, "it will take him longer to get his tools out of the truck than to fix this."

I hope so.

And we have water in our back basement and need it pumped out and the foundation by the outside door fixed.

Paul will handle that as well.

He's the only Republican I've ever voted for. He's on the town council and has helped us with repairs before. I trust him.

Cheshire Republicans are not like DC Republicans. They are decent, honorable people.

But in all my years of voting, he's the only Republican I've ever voted for.

A man who helps fix your house deserves your vote.

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