Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Fear of falling

I have two really bad knees. One (the right) has had all the ligaments repaired. The left is full of arthritis and Lord knows what else. I should probably go have them looked at, but I'm not ready for a knee replacement just yet.

The problem is, not that they hurt--they don't much--but that they seem so unstable and I'm afraid they will fail me and I will fall.

This is what getting older is like--it's always SOMETHING worrying you.

With the snow and ice I really feel unstable.

I wear Copper sleeves on both knees--before Bern bought them for me I was using a cane.

Whenever I go out, I really am afraid of falling.\

Not a good feeling, believe you me.


I'll go to the doctor in the Spring, I promise you.

Until then I'll walk tentatively.

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