Thursday, December 12, 2019

Give me a break!

The son of the President (Who Will Not Be Named) and that same President both took on, of all people Greta Thunberg, the 16 year old Climate activist from Sweden who speaks better English than either of her detractors do (love the Swedes, such linguists).

HWWNBNed Jr., went on line to blast Time Magazine for choosing Greta as Person of the Year. He said it should have been the protestors in Hong Kong. He might have a point but he was undercutting the only person on the planet who has gotten more media attention this year than his father. She is an inter-national treasure and voice of sanity in an insane world.

Then his father, the President, said in a speech in Hershey, PA that he loved Hershey chocolate (no surprise there) and that Greta has 'anger issues' and should 'Chill out and watch a movie with a friend'.

Greta (why she's an international treasure) changed her intro on her twitter account to: 'a teenager dealing with anger issues who is chilling out and watching a movie with a friend."

How can you beat that?

Besides, it was revealed lately that last summer the President's son went to Africa and shot an endangered sheep!

Who shoots sheep? Especially endangered ones?

As hard as it would be in a sane world, the son may be as big an asshole as the father.

Imagine that!

Leave Greta alone. She's done more good in her young years than either of you have.

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