Monday, December 9, 2019

Even I got bored

Abusively political, yellow dog Democrat, unwilling to name the President in my blog--even I got bored today with the impeachment hearing.

The two lawyers testifying--Majority and Minority Counsels for the Intelligence Committee--are fine and decent men who disagree about the nature of what happened regarding the President and Ukraine, but the people questioning them fall into two groups: those For and Against the President.

Every Congressperson who speaks asks, essentially, the same questions--either questioning the appropriateness of the Impeachment proceedings or reiterating what the testimony has been and how it make the President look like a selfish man disregarding the Constitution and the Constitutional requirements of his office.

Over and over, quietly or harshly, the same arguments from either side of the large Judicial Committee.

The two Counsels looked worn out after an hour (reasonably so)--but it's still going on at 5:30 p.m. Alas!

So, even someone as hyper-political and hyper-partisan as I am, just had to give up and watch You Tube and type a post on my blog.

What worries me is that if even I got bored, who, who hasn't yet decided if the President should be impeached, is still watching?

That's my fear--that undecided Americans will tune out and not hear the overwhelming evidence because it's just being parroted by every  Democrat who speaks. And, since the Republicans are angrier, how many undecided Americans will tune out and think the 'angry guys' must be right?

That really is my deepest fear.

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