Sunday, December 15, 2019

I am a klutz

All packaging challenges me. I can't unwrap most anything, even it has been opened (like our dog's food) and resealed. I just can't manage it.

Bern always 'makes' me something for Christmas and I write her something. I've often written about our granddaughters and their super powers. Tegan can make things fly. Morgan can change into anything. Emma can sing things into being and in a different song, make people unable to see what is happening.

This year I put Eleanor and our dog, Brigit, into the mix.

The story is called, "Five Girls Save the World".

And they do.

But, trying to print out the story tonight, my printer got stuck.

So, I had to call Bern to help me fix it.

I have to call Bern to help me fix lots of things.

She got the paper out and I started printing again and the same thing happened--stuck sheets.

My printer is a nightmare.

I fixed it myself this time and the story is printed, I just have to find a binder and those lovely plastic sheets--which I have trouble putting paper into--to make it ready for Christmas.

Being a klutz isn't the worst thing you could be.

You could be the man who is President (and I won't name) and the Republican members of Congress.

My father never voted for a Democrat and I have, until now, disagreed with but respected Republicans. But their undying loyalty to this President has caused me to stop respecting them. Just like I've stopped respecting Evangelicals who have sold out their moral stands to stand instead with this President.

I feel bad about my ceasing to respect Republicans and Evangelicals. I always thought we just didn't agree but were all longing for the best.

Wrong and klutzy again.

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