Saturday, May 2, 2020

At last, a Spring day

After the coldest, wettest April I can remember, May 2 was Spring--finally.

I talked to our three next door neighbor families today. We have 3 'next door neighbors' since Mark and Naomi live beside us, but at the end of our shared driveway and their are two neighbor houses on either side of us.

Everyone was outside doing yard work they would have done weeks ago except for the chill and rain. Plus, Mark is stripping and repainting the trim on their house. He spent much of today on a ladder, on top of a twenty foot high scaffolding at the apex of the front of their house. I get dizzy just watching him up there.

David and Sharon, to the west of us, had a drive-by birthday party yesterday, handing out cupcakes to those who came to tell her 'happy birthday' with an long wooden thing like the things used to take pizza out of the commercial ovens. I watched from our front porch as people with signs and balloons and honking horns.

The virus makes us more creative, it seems to me.

M and N have a daughter, J, who is a nurse. She volunteered to leave oncology and work with Covid-19 patients. A brave and valiant young woman. Our health care providers are the bravest and most dedicated people on the planet.

I saw on-line a group of fire-fighters (brave and committed as well) outside a hospital applauding the health care workers. And behind the firefighters, up in the sky, we two rainbows.

Even nature is applauding the folks who are taking such risks!

The sun was worth the wait.

Ah, Spring (I pray) has sprung!!!

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