Friday, May 1, 2020

Things get easier as we go along

Home bound is not so bad.

Our bishops told us today that we are shut down for church until after May 20, if not longer.

Zoom and Facebook is working for church nicely.

I haven't put gas in my car fr over two weeks! How weird is that?

But every day gets easier to be confined.

I go for groceries once or twice a week. And wine, of course.

I went to have blood drawn for a 'virtual' visit with a doctor next week. Very odd. One person in front of me signing in. I signed in, with a glove and went to sit in one of the 5 chairs in Quest Diagnostics. Usually there are a dozen people waiting. The woman I came in behind was called, by the one technician who seemed to be in the place. And I was called before the man who came in behind me had signed in.

Bern and I watched two episodes of "Afterlife" tonight. Really funny. I recommend it .

Three books came from Amazon, so I have something to read. I reread books from long ago and realize I don't remember much from books I read from long ago.

I talked to Mejol on the phone for 40 minutes.

Bern made a great fried meal--cod, squash and onion rings and slaw. Delicious. I kept eating after I was full.

I miss seeing and interacting with people--especially our kids and grand-daughters.

But other than that, it's not so bad.

It seems to get easier as we go along.

Strange, isn't it?

Wash your hands. Stay well.

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