Sunday, May 24, 2020

It didn't feel like Sunday

I went out an hour ago to look for the mail.

There wasn't any.

It's Sunday.

But it didn't feel like Sunday because church was on Zoom. I didn't hug anybody. There was no coffee hour.

But it is Sunday.

Then a few minutes ago I heard the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church on NPR, talking about the President's assertion that 'houses of worship' should reopen now.

Michael Curry (our PB) said, "Church isn't closed, just the buildings. Church is the people and we can pray where we are. Just because the buildings are closed doesn't mean Church is closed."

That brought me to my senses.

I'd 'had' Church today--on Zoom and Facebook!

And Bryan's sermon was both funny and moving. I thank him for it and thank God for him. Many of us ate bread and drank wine at the same time. I'll leave it to the Holy Spirit to decide if it was virtually 'consecrated'.

'Church' IS NOT a building. It is the people who sometimes gather there. And those people were with me on line this morning.

Now, it feels like Sunday!

I give thanks for that feeling and hope all of you feel it as well.

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