Monday, May 11, 2020

In normal times

In normal times, I would be packing tonight to go to Holy Cross Monastery (Episcopal monks live there, in case you didn't know Episcopalians had 'monks') in West Park, New York, on the upper Hudson River, to help lead a Making A Difference Workshop.

I've been leading it for over 25 years and have outlived all the other leaders except A.O. who is the head of the Mastery Foundation, which sponsors the workshops and J.. who is 90 and quit leading years ago.

Making a Difference changed and saved my life!

I was out of parish ministry when I took the workshop, burned out to a crisp and considering renouncing my priestly vows.

But, at the workshop I came up with the Declaration (which is how all workshops end--with the participants 'declaring' who they are.

My declaration after 4 days, was this, 'I AM PRIEST'.

Not "I am A priest". No, it was that who I am in this world is 'Priest'. That's who I be. That's what I live into and out of. My identity. "Who I Am"!!!

I was called to be the Rector of St. John's in Waterbury for the next 21 years and then partially retire and be the Missioner of the Middlesex Area Cluster since shortly after that.

Mine is not the only life I've seen saved and altered by the workshop. Almost everyone who does it gets their Identity made 'all new' and with power to speak that into the world.

I love leading, though I probably won't after a few more years.

But I owe the workshop my life as I have lived it for the last 30 years--the life I was meant to have.

It makes me sad that I won't be heading to West Park tomorrow. We've moved it to next year.

I hope that works out. I need to 'give back' some of what 'I've gotten' from Making a Difference.

Giving back is how I pay forward for this life I love so much.

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