Saturday, May 16, 2020

In normal times 4

In normal times, I'd be thinking about which of the three churches I was scheduled for tomorrow and thinking about my sermon and how long the drive will take--so I'd know when to get up.

But these aren't normal times.

I'll set my alarm for 9:11 a.m. and be part of the zoom and facebook live service at 10.

Bryan and I are never at the same church unless there is joint service with the Bishop, but we'll be there on zoom. I'll do the sermon and blessing and Bryan will do the rest.

It's been working well for weeks now, but it's not the same as normal time.

What will 'normal time' look like when there is a break from this virus?

I'm not sure.

Not as much touching, for sure--though that's hard for church...all three churches are hug filled places.

Masks are fine with me--but for how long? Always, that seems severe, but if it is necessary I will do it.

I had asthma as a child and get shots of Zolaire every two weeks to control any bronchial problems. The drug does control that, but what would the virus do?

I've come to grips because of my age and bronchial problems, that if I get the virus, I will die.

I realize that and therefore will obey all the rules as long as they are in place.

Lots of people like me, I'm sure.

So while those idiots protest without masks or social distancing and carry weapons to 'reopen' states, I will play by the rules as long as rules are needed.

You should too.

Really, you should in these oh-so-not normal times.

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