Tuesday, May 12, 2020

In Normal Times 2

In post pandemic times I would be in West Park, NY, at Holy Cross Monastery getting ready for bed having finished the day's session of the Making a Difference workshop.

What 'making a difference' is about is going outside the lines of what is easy and hard, what is important and unimportant, possible and impossible to a place where we 'make a difference' beyond those realms.

Our lives are run on a scale of important and unimportant.

If you are a minister, writing your sermon isn't 'important' on Monday. It becomes very 'important' by Friday night. But if you hear a parishioner is in the hospital on Saturday morning, the sermon becomes less 'important' and the visit to the hospital becomes 'important'.

"Making a Difference" isn't on that scale.

Making a Difference, as we draw it on a board, after drawing the important/unimportant line, is a dot up in the corner that is labeled MAD.

Making a difference is something that comes out of our declaration of 'who we are in the matter'.

It's not important or unimportant--it's WHO WE BE.

It's a powerful and profoundly transforming workshop.

I wish I were there helping lead it--leading people to Declare Who They Be in the matter.

And standing on the huge porch of the monastery watching the mighty Hudson River flow.

I miss that in this strange and utterly different times.

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