Thursday, May 14, 2020

In Normal times 3

In normal times, since it is 9:19 p.m., we would have wrapped up the last evening session of Making a Difference and be going to bed ready for the transformation of tomorrow.

MAD is 'transformational technology' (even though my spell check doesn't know that t-word) and the last morning is when we actually see people's faces and body language change for the better.

It is a remarkable experience to see that. And even more remarkable to experience that.

We end the workshop with centering prayer--which has been a part of each day several times--and then go eat lunch before leaving, all new.

For my part, I can't over-state what the workshop has meant to me and many others over the years. A new start, a 'beginning' with no end, something beyond words but felt deeply.

I miss not being there at Holy Cross for tomorrow!

I will hold that longing in my heart.

But I am more moved by how safe we are, here in Cheshire, and how no one in the three little rural churches has the virus. And how our children and grand-daughters are safe.

These are trying times.

Meditation helps.

I do centering prayer--just sitting for 20 minutes longing to be present to the God within me.

I also do the Jesus prayer. Inhale and say, to yourself, "Lord Jesus Christ", the exhale and say in your mind, "have mercy on me".

Do either and you will be calmed.

And there are lots of videos on line that are soothing. My friend Charles sent it to me. Try it out.

try that one and be rewarded.

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