Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Enough hospital today!

I had to go to two hospitals today. Not pleasant in the best of times. Truly awful in these oh-so-un-normal times.

This morning I went to Waterbury Hospital to get my every two weeks injections of Zolaire, that has changed me life. Before Zolaire, this time of year would find me deep in allergic reactions, even to the point of having to take Prednisone. Not since Zolaire. Sniffles, nothing much else.

And I've been doing this for (I'm lost in linear time!) 4 or 5 years at least. Usually it's in and out in half an hour. Today it took me 50 minutes to simply register for the treatment because the hospital has laid off some of the registration staff just as they are opening for more registrations. Luckily, I was 6 feet or more from others waiting because some of them were quite angry.

They take your temperature when you come in and again at the Outpatient Therapy office. 98.5 both times.

Besides that, there was a section of I-84 that went down from 3 lanes to 1 for a couple of miles. But I was running early and made it in time.

Then this afternoon I had to go to Middlestate Hospital in Meriden to see my oncologist.

I don't have cancer, but my PSA has been rising in spite of the fact that I had my prostrate removed a decade ago. Doctors don't really know what that means, but they know it isn't good.

So I had a shot for three months that will limit my testosterone and hopefully lower the bad PSA somewhere in my body. We'll see.

Temperature going in and at the office again. Blood work, talk to the Doctor and then waiting for the shot. I was there an hour for a shot that took less that 15 seconds.

I don't like hospitals, so today was hard. Plus it was my turn to go for groceries. We used to go to the store daily, very European, but now we only go a couple of times a week and buy lots more that what's for dinner!

A long day for me.

Wash your hands. Wear a mask. Stay away, if you can, from hospitals.

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