Saturday, December 28, 2013


We're going to Baltimore tomorrow to have a second Christmas with Josh and Cathy and their three daughters--our granddaughter.

We have to take the dog at 3 to the puppy motel and we'll leave from there. We'll be in Baltimore, with any luck, by a little after 8.

We're taking Auntie Mimi's gifts as well as ours and the trunk of my small car is nearly full. I'd be humiliated by the extravagance of it all if it wasn't for Morgan and Emma and Tegan....

My friend John gave me a laptop when we were in North Carolina last September. I believe I can blog from it and if so, since I'll take it with me, I'll be in touch here. But I can't do email on it because I'm a media idiot and can't figure out how to do that.

I hope Christmas was as mellow and sweet for you and it was for me.

And I hope the year bearing down on us--2014, who could imagine living this long?--brings you joys you didn't expect and wonders you don't deserve and surprises you'll never live up to.

That would be a good year indeed.

Be well and stay well.

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