Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The awful-est person in the world...

OK, to be the AWFUL-EST person in the world is a real challenge. There is President Assad of Syria, President Putin of Russia, Kim Jong Un of North Korea, Senator Cruz of Texas, Rush Limbaugh of Hell, Mylie Cyrus, all the Kardashians, that idiot country singer who hates Obama and everyone who likes or is neutral about Obama, the whole congregation of the Baptist church in Kansas who think American soldiers who die, die because of Gay People...oh, the list is endless.

But the AWFUL-EST person in the world, hands down, is Michele Bachman. She said the other day that not only will the Affordable Health Care Law destroy Life as We Know it and not only has the President re-written the Constitution, for God's sake, to implement it but something even worse and more despicable.

She said the horrible and embarrassing, absolutely terrible roll out of the web site, the most distressing and damaging event of Obama's entire presidency, was, (get this) ON PURPOSE AND INTENTIONAL by the Administration so that the Civilization Ending results of t he Affordable Care Act won't become obvious and undeniable before the 2014 mid-term elections.

Sit back and take that in for a moment....

Rep. Bachman says that the absolutely worst thing that has happened in the President's term was not only INTENTIONAL but PLANNED by the administration. So, President Obama on purpose made his signature legislation screw up in the worst possible way, making him plunge in the polls and threatening the Democrats majority in the Senate because he wanted to keep America from knowing about the Death Panels and forced abortions and socialism of health care until the mid-term elections that have become a lot more difficult for Democrats because of the INTENTIONAL and PLANNED failure of the web site.....Duh....Double Duh....

There have been horrible and awful persons who have lived in the past. People who destroyed whole populations. Hitler and Attila the Hun come to mind. Make your own list after that. But I've never doubted that folks like that were smart. Smart and Awful.

But Michele Bachman is not only Awful, she's Stupid.

A dangerous combination--Stupidity and Awfulness....about the worst.

Granted, she hasn't done as much damage as Hitler and Attila, not by a long shot. But if Stupid was terminal, she'd be long dead.

I'm just sayin'.....

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