Sunday, December 8, 2013

Give it a rest, ok?

Could everyone stop finding snarky things to say about Carrie Underwood and the live broadcast of The Sound of Music on Thursday night. Critics went overboard. Carrie Underwood is not Julie Andrews, I get it. But neither is a movie that takes months to make like a three hour live show on TV.

Even members of the Von Trapp family weighed in today saying who would have been a better cast than Carrie.

I was entranced the whole way--because one of the kids in the show is the daughter of friend's of mine--but also because I loved the whole idea of a live TV production and I really like Carrie Underwood.

I will give you this: she is not Julie Andrews. Now will you shut up and realize this was a huge deal with a huge audience and TV was, for those 3 hours, what it used to be--big deal, big production, LIVE--and not what it has become...1300 channels on cable or through a dish. (1270 of which are not worth the effort.)

Bern and I were totally captivated, didn't compare Carrie to Julie once since it was apples and oranges--two totally different experiences--and Marta, our friends' daughter was such a joy.

Do we live in an age where being critical and cynical has become the new normal--not just for TSOM but everything?

If so, why?

Why's a little magic for three hours so dangerous? Why are people so thrown to being 'snarky'. For God's sake, it was a riveting three hours for me.

I'd have preferred it commercial free--but I'm just taking on negativity in reviewers, I'm not ready, yet, to suggest socialized media......

But I'll ponder that suggestion....

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