Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Sound...the very Sound...

In spite of the fact that I often write skeptical things about right wing assholes--ok, I didn't mean that, I meant 'right wing well meaning but misguided folks'--in this space, I am, deep down, believe me, a sentimentalist.

I just finished watching Carrie Underwood in The Sound of Music on live TV and I'm a little misty. Plus, a daughter of some friends of ours and granddaughter of someone I love dearly was Marta, the second youngest girl in the cast. Grace did great.

Plus, just to prove I have some gentle bones in my body in spite of what I have to say about Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz--those well meaning but horrible misguided as..., folks--I watched a video online tonight about a designer in Germany who brought in 6 disable people--two in wheel chairs, one missing a leg and one an arm, a woman with extreme curvature of the spine and a dwarf and created mannequins exactly like them. The disabled folks were weepy about seeing their 'disabilities' portrayed. Then they put clothes on the mannequins and put them in display windows in Berlin. Then there was video of people looking at them--some shocked, some dismayed, some horrified, some sympathetic and some who even tried to put their bodies in the same poses....

I went downstairs weeping a bit and told Bern about it .

Maybe, since I'm getting older, I'm even more sentimental than I've always been.

I'm a lot closer to tears in moving moments than I've ever been.

But Michelle Bachman and Glen Beck don't make me sentimental. They just make me furious....

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