Wednesday, December 25, 2013

So forget yesterdays blog....

I was feeling so bad about the memory of the TV set that wasn't as big as Mrs. Martin's and the guilt of all that that I told Bern and Mimi and John Anderson our friend and fourth at Christmas dinner about it all and they told me several things:

1) That's what any 12 year old would have was just a statement of fact and my father's actions were just to make me happy.

2) I could have said "Oh, God, I hate it because it's too small" and my father's actions would have been out of his guilt of not satisfying me.

3) Perhaps my father's never mentioning the trouble he went to, getting Adrian Vance to open his store on Christmas to exchange a TV was designed to make me feel bad, in which case, it worked.

I've been carrying this memory for, Lord God, 54 years and now I can let it go.

What a Christmas Miracle!!!

And to all a good night.....

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