Monday, December 16, 2013

I feel like Alice

OK, I saw this 90 second clip of a speech Rick Santorum made the other day where he told 4 lies I caught. Chris Matthews caught a fifth (yes, I watch MSNBC and am proudly on the left!) but my granddaughters told me I can't call someone a 'liar' or 'fat' or 'stupid' or 'ugly'. So, in honor of the code of Morgan/Emma/Tegan, Rick Santorum was 'short of the truth' five times in 90 seconds. Which makes him (sorry girls) a 'liar' in my book.

Each of the 'short of the truth' statements were met with wild applause.

I feel like, at some point, I fell through the Looking Glass and am in a Wonderland of sorts.

The Republicans I grew up with--Sen. Dirkson, Sen. Brooke, Sen. Goldwater, Gov. Rockefeller, even President Reagan, argued principles and policy. Even when I didn't agree with them I didn't think they were engaging in 'short of the truth' stuff.

What has happened to 'civil discourse' in this country? When did Truth become irrelevant to political argument?

I'll tell you when: when a black man was elected president, that's when.

We may--we just may--pass through this 'disturbance in the Force' and come out somewhere where 'compromise' and civility is again the economy of politics. But though calling out 'racism' is considered, by most, rude and too confrontational, if you look back at the opposition President Obama has encountered, it is strident and irrational in the way racism is.

And, in spite of the mean spiritedness of all prejudice, I think the majority of the country has sniffed it out and are not pleased with it. Besides, thank God, we are no longer a 'majority nation'. The Black and Hispanic vote is growing leaps and bounds. I welcome 'minority' status. That means you can't blame me for the choices America makes.

I pray I am right--that most people would like to return to a civil discourse about policy and principles rather than the chaotic 'short of the truth' rhetoric of the far right.

When I heard the complaints that Obama shook hands with Raoul Castro I was flabbergasted! What did Right-Wing nuts want him to do? Slap him on the face? They objected to his taking a 'selfie' with the leader of Denmark and Great Britain. And also shaking hand with Castro. So he shouldn't be friendly with close allies OR friendly with a perceived enemy?

Maybe he shouldn't be friendly with any body. Well, that seems to the the extreme Rights's res son Dedra.

I'm waiting for a hookah smoking caterpillar to show up on Fox News. Or a woman who looks like a playing card. Nothing will surprise me ever again.

More when I've calmed down....

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