Saturday, December 21, 2013

Just wanted to make sure...

...that I could get back to my blog. I'm now a tad anxious every time I click on the Do-Hickey that gets me here.

I really am a babe in the woods when it comes to on-line stuff. So much I don't understand.

But I got back, no problem.

Christmas, for us, is going to be quiet and sweet. Mimi is coming Monday and John Anderson will eat dinner with Bern and Mimi and me on Christmas. But Josh and Cathy and the girls are going to California to be with her brothers so minus three girls 7,7 and 4 it will be quiet here. Which I don't mind. We'll go down to Baltimore on Dec. 29 after church for 'second Christmas' with them. Not bad, two Christmases.

Bern's even going to let me cook Christmas dinner. Pretty cool for me.

More later.

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