Thursday, May 21, 2015

Get a bigger 'clown car'!

OK, Lindsey Graham, Senator from South Carolina, said there was a 91% chance he'll run for President. Senator Graham is at least a Republican I can recognize (no taxes, big defense) but he is joining a field that gets weirder by the day. And what does '91%'mean, anyway? I'm at least 91% sure I'll wake up tomorrow. I'm 91% sure I won't eat squid tomorrow. And 91% sure I won't leave the continental United States in the next month. Which means--I can assure you (except for the 'waking up part') means I'm a hundred % sure of the other two. So, Lindsey, 'fish or cut bait', or, more crudely, "S*** or get off the pot!"

There's a debate in Ohio, I think, that will only allow 10 Republican candidates based on poll numbers. That, according to Chris Matthews (I know, a baby killing, gay loving, socialist, anti-American) leaves out at least 10 more potential candidates along with one who has declared.

Put 20 Republicans on a stage and it would better than the Rockettes in Radio City Music Hall, I assure you, all of them kicking at the ever-more conservative and libertarian  base. What a blast.

Weird thing is, I am probably a libertarian left-wing guy. We used to call them 'socialist', but the S word, like the L word somehow disappeared from public conversation. I want government out of my life but totally committed to the life of the poor and marginalized. That used to be called a 'tax and spend' Democrat--but the labels have been in constant motion lately.

The best I can cling to is "Progressive", which I can't for the life of me imagine why everyone wouldn't want to be one. Who on God's green earth can be opposed to 'progress'?

Lots of folks it seems.

I want the old language back: left-wing, tax and spend, socialist.

That I could understand, but like the rainbow of different ilks of  'conservatives' these days, we liberals are confused and a bit distracted.

So, get a bigger car for all the clowns to crowd into. This is going to be more fun than anything you can do with all your clothes on. Bring on the 2016 Republican primaries....

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