Saturday, May 30, 2015


Mimi's with us for a night. She came around four. Bern grilled shrimp and radicchio and other strange stuff to grill and we ate on the deck.

After that, Mimi and I drank some wine--hers from a bottle, mine from a box--and read until it became too dark to read.

Here's the great thing about Mimi as a daughter--you can sit for an hour reading side by side and not feel compelled to fill the air with small talk.

Bern and Mimi are in our TV room now, watching a movie ("Big Eyes"). I've seen it so I came to write about how wondrous it always is to have Mimi around. Tim is in upstate New York recording some music. He may break out someday as a musician. Now, he works for Linked-In (whatever that's about!)

Anyhow, having Mimi, and Tim too, around is like living the way we always do except with some encounters with two people we love like a rock.

Comfortable. That's the word that works.

Having Mimi around is just comfortable. Comfortable and absolutely right.

How many people in your life can you say that about?

Something to ponder.

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