Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I love my 'job'

I don't really have a real 'job'--I'm the very part-time Interim Missioner of the Middlesex Area Cluster Ministry (three small churches in Killingworth, Higganum and Northford.

But my 'job' (12 hours a week) is so refreshing and life-giving.

I had dinner tonight with the chair and vice-chair of the Cluster Council. (The treasurer was sick and couldn't make it. We were there, at Cozy Corner in Durham, CT (where the World's Greatest Waitress works). It's a sort-of Italian place with Pizza and hors devours that are really Italian but things like Gyros as well, which are, well, not Italian.

The purpose of the monthly dinner is to prepare the agenda for the 2nd Tues of the month Cluster Council meeting.

But really what we do is enjoy each others' company and enjoy a meal together.

I really love those three people and time spent with them is precious time.

Same as with the three congregations I serve, with two other priests who are Sunday only.

I love these people and these people are my 'job'--ergo, I love my job.

I sometimes talk to people who hate their jobs and feel robbed by them.

I love my job and am given life by it.

How lucky and blessed am I?

More than I deserve, certainly, and even more than that.

Breaking bread with Garnet and Nancy (and usually our poor, sick Ann) is sacrament to me.

That's how much I love my 'job', such as it is and not hard work....

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