Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How annoying...

I was sitting here wondering what to write about when an car alarm started sounding in our driveway.

We share the driveway with Mark and Naomi and their oldest daughter who has a car.

I sat for a long time wondering when they'd get around to stopping it. During that time about five dogs--including ours--started barking. Must hurt their ears, that sound. Bela barks when large trucks back up.

I sat so long, in fact, that I checked my pockets just to make sure I didn't have car keys and had inadvertently set off the alarm by moving. But no, no car keys on me.

I endured it a little longer--all the ideas I had for writing being beep-beep-beeped our of my head.

I went down stairs to see if I could tell which car it was, and it WAS MINE!!!

Bern was yelling at me to make it stop and I was frantically looking for my keys, found them, ran to the widow and stopped it.

The neighborhood children might have bumped it or maybe there's a short somewhere electrical or maybe my car just got annoyed at something.

Anyway, the end result is that all the lyrical and profound and amusing things I intended to write here got replaced by this complaint.

Maybe later I can be brilliant and clever and enlightening. But not now, Bela is still barking as is Finn next door.

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