Sunday, May 3, 2015

Like "The Wizard of OZ"

Remember how, in that movie, the world switched from Black and White to technicolor?

That's how the outside of my life has seemed.

After month after month of gray and white, white and gray, I step out on either porch and the world is 'in color'.

We've lived at 95 Cornwall Avenue since 1989--that's 26 years for Bern to make our yards be awash in color for all of spring and summer. We must have tulips in over a half a dozen colors and jonquils aplenty plus early blooming shrubs and ground cover with early blooms. And the Forsythia is at it's height. Plus the trees are beginning to have leaves again. At least a dozen shades of green.

Who couldn't love the Spring?

The world has returned to color.

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