Saturday, May 9, 2015


Nature is beyond amazing.

A couple of years ago Bern brought home this cactus, that should have lived in a desert, but thrived in Connecticut. It kept having babies on the big frons and kept reproducing. This winter, when it was inside, the damn cat knocked it over and it broke into dozens of pieces. I thought it was done for.

But after only a few weeks outside again, little babies are hatching on the pieces that are left and it is thriving like nothing I could ever have believed. In Cheshire, not Phoenix.

Nature is always beyond amazing. After the brutal winter, Bern's lawns are back with a vengeance, bringing outrageous color and beauty to my life.

Nature is so beyond amazing that it is hard to imagine we human beings are killing it.

Maybe that's the problem with the 'climate change deniers', they see how amazing Nature is and can't believe we are killing it.

I get that. But I also get that we are, you and I, killing the natural way of our fragile planet, our island home.

And we have to get 'real' about that right now. Really.

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