Saturday, October 17, 2015

a bridge too far...

My dentist, Dean, made me a five tooth bridge for my upper left back teeth.

It's the biggest bridge Dean's ever made. It's lasted a long time though I don't know how long (linear time and all...) On Wednesday I chipped it. I don't know how or with what. My tongue noticed a really rough part of the bridge. So, I have to call Dean and go see what he can do about it. I think he can just drill it down and smooth it out. It's artificial, after all, and none of the 5 teeth in the bridge are visible, no matter how wide I smile....

I just regret having to tell Dean I messed up his masterpiece. Every time I go in for a cleaning and Dean comes in at the end, he points out his handiwork to the dental hygienist. I know he's pointed it out to the same one several times. Hope he's not upset about the chip.

The other thing I have in my body are two titanium rods in my left arm. I shattered both the bones below the elbow in a auto accident. It was raining on I-91 but the George Street exit ramp was frozen and I slid down it into the guard rail. The air bag broke my ulna in four places and my radius in 5 places. The surgeon put in the longest rod he ever had in a lower arm. I never had a cast since it was broken so badly I had surgery the next day.

And last year, I started having pain in my lower left arm. I didn't think my body was rejecting the rods, it's been too long, after all. But I went to see Alex about it. As he looked at the x-ray, he remembered this was a one of a kind operation and I thought he had a look of disappointment about his master work. But the pain went away and he was glad.

I just don't want to see Dean's disappointment when he looks in my mouth. Of course, I won't since I keep my eyes closed in the dentist chair.

And, if I pondered such things, I'd ponder why two parts of me (that really aren't 'parts of me') are some kind of one of a kind additions to me.

But I'm not only not going to ponder that, I'm going to forget I wrote it.

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