Monday, October 19, 2015

Personal politics

Yesterday, after church at Emmanuel in Killingworth, I talked with; Jon Bush and then his wife, Jody. Jon is the brother of President Bush I and uncle of President Bush II. He and Jody are the salt of the earth, wonderful, lovely, dear people.

Talking with them is the only thing that makes me doubt my idea to outlaw the Republican Party. There are dear and gentle people who are Republicans. Jon and Jody are, of course, supporting their nephew Jeb and think The Donald and the heart surgeon and Carlie are a distraction and 'so wrong'. When I talk with them I make sure I appear as a liberal Democrat instead of the full blown Socialist that I am. I don't want to take them a bridge too far.

Politics becomes confusing when it becomes personal. My friend, Bill, is a conservative Republican and a conservative Episcopalian. And I like him a lot. Like the Bushes, who are so dear and clear and together.

My father, for goodness sake, was a life-long Republican. And I was as a teen. I wrote on a wall with spray paint "AU H2O" when I was a Senior in high school. Gold-water is what that meant.

As time went on, I came to realize I belonged on the far left of the Democratic Party. But it is cool to know wonderful people who are on the other end of the spectrum. It keeps me from being an angry, vengeful socialist.

The Bushes and Bill give me hope that we can eventually figure this stuff out and govern the nation and move forward together.

That's what I pray is possible, at any rate.

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