Tuesday, October 20, 2015

What I don't understand

Well, there's lot of stuff I don't understand, if I'm truthful. But the most viewed post in the last few days has been a post from September 2012 about redoing our kitchen.

Why are people looking at that? It is good to know about when we redid our kitchen since I have this issue with linear time. Had you asked me when we 'redid' I kitchen I would have looked at you with a blank stare and wondered.

So, sometime after September 2012. I've got it narrowed down now.

My whole thing with linear time is a problem, I know. Today, Bill, one of the guys who comes to our Tuesday morning group, talked about when he was in Turkey in 19-something. I don't remember when he said, but he was sure it was true. And he talked about a rug he bought and having lunch with the guy who sold it to him.

Amazing to me that he knew exactly what year that happened.

Here's what I know: whether it happened before or after Bern and I got married or before or after Josh was born (1970 and 1975) or before or after Mimi was born (1979) or before or after our twin granddaughters were born (2006) or before or after Tegan was born (2009). That's the best I can do with linear time--before or after when something wondrous happened.

Did you ever read Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut? A character in the book, Billy Pilgrim, is 'unstuck in time'. That means he goes back and forth to things in the past.

I don't do that, but I am 'unstuck in time'. I went to Israel after my children were born and before my granddaughters (any of them) were born. Beyond that I can't tell you when. Or the first time I went to Ireland. Or how many years since I've gone. Or when I had prostate surgery. (I know when my appendix was removed only because it was the millennium and it made me miss a huge party at St. John's in Waterbury.)

I know when I graduated from high school and college and Harvard Divinity School and Virginia Seminary and when I was ordained. But of course I can remember those dates. But beyond that, not much. Odd it is, to be so disassociated with time.

Not bad...I don't mind it...just odd.

And I don't understand why that's the way I am.

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