Sunday, October 25, 2015

The worst news ever....

I read an article on-line by a climate scientist who said that if climate change continues at it's present pace, New England will lose Autumn 'in our lifetime'.

In the southern states, there is no 'Autumn' like we know it here in Connecticut. Most trees stay green year round. And we too will lose the wondrous color of leaves 'in our lifetime'.

I hope not mine.

I drove to Higganum today and then to Killingworth and back to Higganum and then to Middletown and back home. The landscape is awash in gold and yellow and red. It is remarkable. No wonder people drive hundreds of miles to see Autumn in New England. Glorious!

And to think most Republicans and nearly 50% of all Americans don't yet believe humans are causing climate change. Astonishing.

I've believed from the first hint of 'global warning' a decade or two ago. And I've noticed the weird weather, even here and more so in California and the southwest and midwest, all that time. But the thought of losing Autumn is the worst news ever.

Not in my life-time, please.

My heart breaks to imagine it.

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