Sunday, October 25, 2015

A lot like work

I love my little job with the Middlesex Area Cluster Ministry and the three churches in that Cluster--gems all. I really do. It's great fun.

But the last few days--and tomorrow--it has felt a lot more like 'work' than 'fun'.

Friday night: wedding rehearsal in Higganum.

Saturday night: Harvest Dinner in Northford.

Sunday: 9 am service in Higganum; 11 a.m. talk to wedding couple in Killingworth; 2:30 wedding in Higganum and glass of wine at reception; 4 p.m. Wake in Middletown.,

Tomorrow: 10:30 am and 1:30 pm graveside services.

I'm not complaining and I'm honored and humbled to do all these things. But the last few days haven't felt like a 12 hour a week job in my retirement!

Just me talkin'. I'm not used to some much activity. I haven't read a single book since Friday. Puts me behind....

But I do love the Cluster and the people there....

I'm not complaining.

Just, please, not every week.

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