Sunday, October 18, 2015

How time flies

I've been looking at a whole bunch of photos from my Installation as Rector of St. John's Church in Waterbury. Dozens of them. That would have been 1989--26 years ago. A lot of people in the pictures are dead, that I know, having officiated at many of their funerals.

And my hair is dark brown, though my beard is graying. I've had white hair since I don't know when, so it is odd to me to see me with brown hair. That and being with dead people is a tad awkward and not a little disturbing.

I have a son who is 40 and a daughter who is 37. Bern and I have been married since September 5, 1970. 1970, for goodness sake! 45 years, oh my God!!!

How time flies. I can barely recognize the me that was 'me' in our wedding album. Who is that guy with a brown Fu Man Chu Moustache and dark brown hair in a tux? The problem is, Bern looks a lot like that woman in the wedding gown. Time hasn't flown for her. Somewhere there is a photo growing older of her. Really.

Stunning, how time flies.

Getting older is much better than the alternative.

But it is disconcerting how time flies.

At least, I've been having a lot of fun....

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