Saturday, October 3, 2015

"Workshop mode"

In 1987 I was a participant in the Making a Difference workshop and got my priesthood back all new and possible. I owed the Mastery Foundation and have, by now, helped lead going on 50 of the workshops.

We have one in Washington, DC, starting a week from Monday.

I made my plane reservations today. I'm officially in 'workshop mode'.

What 'workshop mode' means is that my commitment and integrity and energy is leaning that way. In a sense, I'm already in DC at the retreat center at Catholic U. I'm already in the 'distinctions' that comprise the workshop. I'm already with Shane and Maggie and Bertram, the other leaders for this WS.

Once my travel plans are made, I'm in 'workshop mode'. I'm there and engaged and ready and can't wait.

This workshop gave me back my priesthood, all new and shining and it has never stopped being that since then. I am astonished that I have the opportunity to share that kind of transformation with others. And humbled beyond belief.

And, I'm ready and willing and able and excited beyond belief. In just a week and a day I'll be up in front of the room offering 'transformation' to a whole room full of people.

Doesn't get much better than that, far as I can see.....

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