Monday, October 5, 2015

I love crickets

Cheshire is full of the songs of crickets tonight. And I love cricket song.

One thing the crickets do is make my tinnitus, which I've had for a decade or so, go away. "Ringing in the ears" doesn't do my particular version justice. Neither does "buzzing in the ears", the other definition for 'tinnitus' the on-line dictionary gives.

In fact, my tinnitus sounds exactly like cricket song. So, all in all, I'm lucky to have a sound in my head that sounds like a sound I love.

When I was diagnosed, there was a med-student working with my primary care physician. He was the one who told me what it was, gave it a name. Then he said, "it drives some people crazy. I've heard of cases when people killed themselves to get rid of it."

When Dr. Olsen came in, I told him, "you need to give some bed side manners training for this guy."

I'm not suggestible at all much, but planting the idea of suicide in someone who is a little off kilter wouldn't be a good idea.

There is also some key on an organ that turns off my internal crickets. I used to go listen to Bob Havery practice when I was at St. John's, Waterbury and every time my crickets would be gone for a few hours. And today, in the middle of a hymn, the crickets shut up.

I should find out what key it is. That would be helpful...but only if I were around a pipe organ....

Not bad to have cricket song as a constant companion. Not bad at all....

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