Sunday, November 15, 2015


I watched Rachel Maddow's interviews with the three candidates and the debate at Drake University.

I'm sure I've told you that I'm a 'Yellow Dog Democrat'--if Mother Teresa was the Republican candidate and a yellow dog was the Democratic candidate...I'd vote for the dog.

I blame my father for this. He was a Republican his whole life, in spite of being blue collar and a coal miner--he voted straight Republican his whole life. So, my rebellion was to be a Yellow Dog Democrat. Truth is though, I AM a Democrat in heart and mind and apologize not for any of it. I would tax and spend--like Robin Hood, I'd take from the rich and give to the poor every time.

And I 'love' Obama. I really do. I love him more the longer he's president since he seems now freed from the restraints of trying to reason with the Republicans in Congress. He just does what he thinks is right these days, in the face of all opposition.

OK, to the three candidates: I love, love, love Bernie's positions. I, too, am socialist leaning. And I've come to love O'Malley (never mind that my son goes to the same gym in Baltimore with him and Josh and Cathy know both him and his wife, a judge in Baltimore). He seems incredibly sensible and in better times might have a chance.

Which brings us to Hillary. She's not my first or second choice--but she is the prohibitive favorite and I will vote for her as many times as I can.

But my preference would be for Bernie, or even O'Malley. That's what I would wish for--a Bernie/Elizabeth Warren ticket--though two candidates from New England might turn off much of the 'fly over' world between the two coasts.

But if came down to Hillary (she should take O'Malley as her VP) I would obviously vote for her.

Yellow Dog or not, at least she'd have Bill whispering in her ear!

I've also watched closely the Republicans. I am a politics junkie, after all. And it scares me to the soles of my feet that any of them might be our next President.

Bring on the Yellow Dog, I say.

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