Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Paper products

Yes, my far-left Environmentalist friends, they take trees to make. But you can find partially recycled paper towels and copy paper and even toilet paper.

My well being and piece of mind depend on having an abundance of paper products in the house.

I don't know exactly where this comes from but I do remember using my grandmother's out house and having to make do with a Sear's catalog! You never quite forget the feel of those glossy pages on your nether regions.

So, once in a while I check our three bathrooms--one of which I never use--to assure myself there is adequate. And when I check the cabinet beside the stove where the paper towels are kept, I get a tad anxious if there are less than half a dozen. And I'll buy copy paper when I get half way through a 400 sheet package.

I assumed for years that everyone shared my need for a stockpile of paper products until I was at a friend's house and, after using their downstairs bathroom, casually mentioned they were getting low on toilet paper. She looked and said, 'there's plenty on the roll and another roll as well.'

Like I said, they were getting low on toilet paper. We usually have five spare rolls in each bathroom. Less than that and I make a trip to Stop and Shop. 

It may be my only idiosyncratic trait....No, I just checked with Bern and she told me it was but the tip of the iceberg.

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