Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Your children never cease to amaze you....

We were down in Baltimore last week and Josh asked me, "are you still teaching that Gnostic Christian stuff?"

I told him I was (and was amazed he remembered my interest in Gnostic Christians) when he said, "have you used the Secret Book of John yet?"

I was blown away. "How do you know about the Secret Book of John?" I asked.

"I've read most of that Nag Hammadi stuff," he said, "the Secret Book of John is my favorite. The 'Apocrophon'," he added, "what a great word...."

My son has read the ancient texts of Gnostic Christians and thinks 'Apocrophon' is a great word!!!

So we talked about the Secret book of John, written in Greek before 178, because it is mentioned by Ireanaeus in his diatribe against heresy that was written in that year. Then it was found, in a Coptic translation, in the late 1940's in Egypt along with 50 or so other early Christian texts.

And Josh knows about it.

I thought the fact that he goes to the Episcopal Cathedral with my grand-daughters is amazing enough to me. Priest kids hardly ever keep going to church. I credit Cathy Chen, his wife, who grew up without any practice of religion, for making that happen.

But to know Josh has read the Nag Hammadi literature and can converse about it effortlessly absolutely blows me away.

Kids. What can you say. They always amaze....

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