Monday, November 23, 2015

Now it begins...

This morning I went out and bought a new computer--a HP loaded with windows 10 and a touch screen (which I only vaguely comprehend). Now it begins days and weeks of feeling stupid and not knowing how to do things. But the computer is really pretty! It will look nice on my desk not being used....

I really, really am the diametric opposite of a nerd. I still have a flip phone for goodness sake!

So, the computer is downstairs, still in the box and I'm up here with my old, old friend for probably the last night.

My computer is in pieces. I can't watch any videos (they just won't load) and when I come to my blog it takes at least a minute to load. Emails as well. Lots of waiting with a little blue circle not turning and unable to scroll down very well to read news articles.

This computer has taught me many lessons in patience--not a bad thing. But it is really time to move on.

Our kids will be here for Thanksgiving so they can help me get things going.

Hope to post tomorrow on the new computer--but who knows....

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