Saturday, November 21, 2015

Well. that didn't work....

So, I took my computer to the Apple Store in New Haven yesterday morning to have some data transferred to my new I-Mac. A nice young man came out and helped me carry it in. A technician came out and I was about to hand him a list of things to transfer (My libraries, mostly). He looked at it and said he couldn't do it because the computer was in three pieces.

I explained that John Anderson, my friend and personal tech advisor, had added the two pieces to extend the life of my old, old computer. Still no deal. Can't transfer from something that looks like that. I told him it worked perfectly well (I'm using it right now, for goodness sake!) and I'd even help set it up. Still no deal--something about liability and how a computer has to be in one piece. No apology as he walked away.

So, I had to find the woman with the green I-Pad (hierarchy in Apple Stores is color coded!) and tell her, in that case, I didn't want the I-Mac. It took more time to return it than it took to buy it and nobody was available to carry my computer, so I made two trips across Broadway to the parking lot.

I complained to the ''Store Leader"--Apple can't call him a  'manager' like common stores--and he was a tad more compassionate but was clearly in a hurry to move on from me.

So Apple emails me today to take a survey. It's impossible to really respond to because Thursday's experience was great--that's why I bought the I-Mac when I was just there to look--and the saleswoman was terribly helpful and totally patient with me "I don't know anything" approach.

So, In a space for comments I outlined what had happened, told them the computer I brought in was fine and could have been worked with, in pieces or not told them I was buying a Windows loaded computer Monday (I looked at them at Big Buy today and am leaning toward a Dell--that, by the way, is $400+ cheaper and has a larger keyboard. I had trouble typing in my name and email because when I hit "J" the way on do on my keyboard, it came out JJJJJ.

So maybe it's all for the best.

In the survey,  Apple wanted to know if I would accept a phone call regarding my experience and I said yes just to see if they call. A call would make the whole experience and my opinion of the Apple Store a little better.

So maybe it's all for the best.

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